Project Manager .NET Features

Project Manager .NET 3.0 Features

Project Manager .NET Professional offers Advanced Reporting, Export/Import Capability, Time and Cost Tracking plus Much More.

Unlimited Projects, Milestones, Tasks and Subtasks

Simple, effective Project organization. All data is stored in compact data files, which may contain any number of Projects, Milestones, Tasks, and Subtasks. This makes it easy to copy and email to colleagues.


Overview gives you a high-level view into all of your Projects, Milestones, and Tasks. All data is nicely organized in a hiearchy, providing status information of both Projects and Milestones.

Project Summary Page

Each Project has a Project Summary Page, which gives you information about the Project such as User Workbook, Tasks Completed Recently, Tasks Overdue or Upcoming, and detailed statistics on the Project.


Project Manager supports User Login and Roles, allowing you to secure the data file and certain functions within the application.  Users who login will see a list of Tasks assigned to them via a Workbook on the Project Summary page.  With the included Outlook integration, their Task List can be imported directly to their Outlook Task List, allowing them to work from their or synchronize on a PDA or SmartPhone.


Provides fast categorization and organization of all Project Elements through the simple use of Tags. You can tag anything with as many tags as you like and then report and filter on them.


Provides an easy way to see just what you need to see using Tags, Groups, and Reports.

Multiple Language Capability

Fully capable of Localization/Globalization. New Language support all the time. We provide a simple tool for doing your own translations upon request if you want to translate the application to a language we do not support.


Provide a flexible easy way to view your project information.

  • Advanced Custom Task Report
  • Project Actual Cost and Time
  • Project Estimated Cost and Time
  • Complete and Incomplete Tasks
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Tasks by Tag and Due Date
  • API for Custom Reports using .NET (any .NET supported language)
MS Office Outlook™ 2003 Integration

Share Tasks with Outlook 2003. Two way synchronization between Project Manager Tasks and Outlook Task List.  You can manually import and export Tasks between Project Manager and Outlook, or setup Automatic Synchronization with Outlook.  Tasks assigned to you can be placed in your Outlook Task List, allowing synchronization with your PDA, SmartPhone, or to allow Task assignment from Exchange.


Export your data into various formats for reporting and sharing.

  • Export Tasks to Office Outlook™ 2003
  • Text File
  • HTML
  • RSS 2.0 for Syndication
  • XML
  • CSV
  • API for Custom Exports using .NET
Automatic Exports

Custom plugins can be created, which allow you to setup Automatic exports.


Import existing projects as templates.

  • Import Tasks from Office Outlook™ 2003.
  • Project Manager .NET Merge
  • Project Manager .NET Template
  • API for Custom Imports using .NET
Clock Feature

Simple clock feature allows automatic tracking of work time. Simply Clock In to a Task or Project when you start and Clock Out when you are done. A simple button click and time is calculated for you.

Time Tracking

Using the Clock Feature and Reports, you can track time spent on a project. Roll-up reports provide Project Time, by Milestone, and Task.

Cost and Estimation Tracking

Calculate project estimates and keep track of project cost through calculated or fixed cost entry.

Attachments and Comments

Attach documents, shortcuts, and media to Project Data. Commenting on Tasks allows communication and additional notes when sharing with others.


Project Manager .NET can be easily customized.  If you have your own programmers experienced in .net and c# development you can create plugins.